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Stars News · Where Are the Toughest Places to Play? Nominate Now:

We here at VNN are doing a feature for our national media site highlighting the toughest places to play in all of high school sports and we want to hear from YOU what Stadium/Field/Gym/Course/Venue is the toughest to play and why?

Be on the lookout for the final feature coming soon on!


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Stars News · Should High School Basketball Players Be Able to Declare for the NBA Draft? – Presented by VNN

lebron-dunkAs Americans, we tend to fall in love with our rising stars who are breaking out on the national stage at a young age.  At 18, all eyes were on Patrick Kane as he started his professional hockey career with the Chicago Blackhawks. Nobody blinked twice when MLB’s Bryce Harper was selected to the National League All-Star team at 19.  Likewise, there were no calls for the U.S. Men’s National Team to pump the brakes on budding soccer star Christian Pulisic when he scored his first goal for the Stars & Stripes at the young age of 17.

Yet, in basketball, most of the top high school talent is required to follow the controversial “one & done” trend. As the rule goes, an athlete needs to be at least 19 years old to be eligible for the NBA Draft, forcing all hopeful pros into at least one year in college or a European League. The policy, instituted in the NBA CBA in 2005, was aimed at yielding more developed and matured players as draft options, instead of seeing teams draft solely on raw talent and potential, and stashing those prospects away on their bench.

Over the last decade, this rule has been a nonstop point of discussion and debate. Many appreciate the importance this rule places on attending higher education, and further developing professional skills. In addition, many college programs can benefit from knowing that the prospects they are recruiting will indeed commit to a school, rather than decide to forgo college altogether. Conversely, however, many have questioned whether forcing the likes of Andrew Wiggins, Ben Simmons and Anthony Davis to go to college for a year is really thmaxresdefaulte right path for top-level talent. The careers of Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James might say no. In addition, the one-and-done phenomenon sees many top players in and out of a college faster than you can say “Karl-Anthony Towns,” rendering a college game that is often focused more on individual showcases and annual ‘big names,’ rather than cheering for programs that see players develop over 3 or 4 years. This controversy is especially relevant, as current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently stated at the beginning of this year’s NBA Finals that “We all agreed we need to make a change . . . It’s one of those issues we need to come together and study. … My sense is, It’s not working for anyone.” (read more on Silver’s statement) Such a change could be to do away with the rule altogether, or amend it to have caveats, such as requiring those who choose to go to college to stay at least 2 years or those who choose to turn professional out of high school to spend a year in the G-League.

So, what do you think? Should the NBA change their age requirement and allow basketball players to turn professional fresh out of high school?

Should the NBA Allow High School Athletes to Declare for the Draft?

Yes! High Schoolers should be able to be drafted.
No. High Schoolers should be required to go to college first before playing in the NBA

Do Riddles

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Stars News · New York’s Top Record-Breaking Performance – Nominations are open now! – Presented by VNN

This Spring, we’ve seen several state and school records fall across the network. Who was the best in New York? Nominate your favorite with the form below.
Nominations close on May 22 at 12pm EST, and voting begins on Tuesday, May 23.

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Stars News · Which region’s high schools had the strongest NFL Draft? – Presented by VNN

The NFL Draft took place last week in Philadelphia. Held on the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, it was the first draft held entirely outdoors, and was the most attended in history with more than 250,000 people attending. Over three days, all 32 NFL teams chose players who they hope could be the future of their franchise.

In the next few pages, check out all the players drafted by their hometown high school, and vote for the region you think has grown the strongest draft class!

Voting closes on Sunday, May 14th at 3pm EST / 12pm PST.

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Multiple Teams · Playoff Updates! NSHAHS Basketball and Volleyball still on a roll!

Girls JV Basketball defeat FRISCH 47-34 at home in the Quarter Final playoffs. They now travel to New Jersey for a huge Semi Finals match up vs Maayanot at 5pm on Sunday, March 1.

Boys Varsity Basketball  defeat TABC 57-46 away in the Quarter Final playoffs. On Tuesday, March 10 at 8 pm they will play HAFTR in the Semi Finals at HOME.

Girls Varsity Volleyball defeat Kushner 3-0 at home in the Quarter Final playoffs. They now travel to FRISCH for a big Semi Finals game at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, March 3.

Good Luck to our remaining 3 teams still fighting to bring the Championship trophy to NSHAHS!


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Multiple Teams · End of the Fall Season Sports Report


Boys Varsity 9-5 3rd place in the Division. 5th seed in the league overall. The boys will be facing 6th seeded HANC in their division at home in the first round of the playoffs on Wednesday February 18 at 8:30 pm..

Boys JV 8-2 3rd place in their Division. Tied for the 4th seed in the league overall. The boys will be playing Rambam 6th seed in their division at home in the first round of the playoffs on Tuesday February 17 at 6:30 pm..

Girls Varsity 5-7 4th place in their Division. 8th seed in the league overall. The girls are off to play the league number 1 seed Bruriah in the first round of the playoffs away on Thursday, Feb 12 at 8pm.

Girls JV 8-2 2nd place in their Division. Tied for 3rd place in the league overall. The girls will be playing the number 3 seed in the Western Conference Frisch at home in the first round playoffs on Thursday, Feb 12 at 8pm.


Boys Varsity 6-7-1 4th place in their Division. The boys came back strong at the end of the regular season with a tie vs. HANC and a big win vs. MTA to gain a first round playoff match up vs Ramaz at home on Tuesday night, February 17 at 8:30 pm.


Girls Varsity 9-1 2nd place in their Division. Tied for 2nd in the overall seedings of the league. The girls will be hosting Kushner in the first round of the playoffs Wednesday, February 10 at 7:30 pm.

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Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball, Girls Varsity Volleyball · Girls Varsity Volleyball Amazing Post Season WIN

Congratulations to our girls varsity volleyball team who for the first time in school history won a girls playoff match by beating Kushner 3 games to 0. The girls who finished an outstanding 9 and 1 in the regular season have now advanced to the league semi finals where they will play Frisch.

Best of luck to Coach Josh Schechter and all the girls going forward in their quest to bring home our first girls volleyball championship ever!

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Girls Junior Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball · The Big Pay Back for JV Girls Basketball vs. Flatbush

The JV Girls basketball team pull out a huge win against the Flatbush Falcons this Sunday morning, to start off the quadruple header. The girls came into the game with only one loss, which was to Flatbush earlier this month. Therefore, the saying ‘the big pay back’ is exactly what the girls had in mind  during pre-game warm up. With sophomores Kayla Terzi and Brielle Hoffman stepping up big all game, NSHAHS sealed the deal with a 34-26 victory to close out the game and endieng the year with a BANG!

Congrats JV Girls Basketball on a great first half of the season!

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Stars News · Spirit Day at North Shore

It was another joyous spirit week at North Shore. Perhaps the highlight of the weeks festivities were the Girls and Boys basketball showcase. The entire school  including, students and faculty packed the gym Thursday morning to watch the JV Girls basketball team battle the upperclassmen and experienced Varsity Girls Basketball team. It was a very close scoring game the entire match, however as predicted the experienced squad came out on top.

Later on in the day, the Boys Varsity entered the court for the big showdown against the staff and faculty of North Shore. With the boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Edgar De La Rosa battling senior standout Cody Cohen for most points and game MVP,  the youthful and energetic boys varsity team prevailed at the end.

Additional competitions throughout the day included, a pizza eating relay, a push up competition and a half court shooting contest. Spirit Week indeed will be a week all will remember.